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The Sterilizing Wand


Our popular Sterilizing Wand makes cleaning any item fast and easy with a cleaning rate of 99.9% in as little as 20 seconds.  The Sterilizing Wand destroys the DNA and/or RNA structure of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms to lose the ability to reproduce, then kills viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.

  • check Use on computers, phones, kitchen utensils, mattresses and more
  • check 5 minutes can kill or drive away dust mites
  • check Dual power supply - powered by AA bateries when charging isn't available
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Keep Your
Surroundings Clean

Keep the housewares in the room, wardrobe, and surrounding environment clean and free from bacteria and viruses. The powerful UV light bulbs possess a 99.9% disinfectant rate that protect your and your family. The slick designs allow for easy storage and is the perfect companion for the outdoor enthusiasts.

  • check LCD Display and 3 different settings
  • check Safety switch design to prevent children from use
  • check Portable, compact size and lightweight

I feel protected from germs

“I'm so glad I bought this. It's nice having that extra protection around the house or in the office. It's also very affordable and high quality. I recommend.

Jason A.

Verified Customer

Technical Specs

Product dimensions: 300x36x41mm

Product weight: 157g

Color: White

Power consumption: 4.5W; tube life ~8000 hrs

Working temperature: 0-50 Deg C

UV strength: ~2500 μ-W/cm2

Power source:  DC 6V adaptor or 4x AA batteries (batteries are excluded)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sterilizing Wand have to shine directly on targeted areas to disinfect?

The areas where the UV light does not reach will not be disinfected. UV light does not reflect or refract. It does not bounce like regular light; it is simply absorbed on the first contact. If you are looking to disinfect the area properly, it is best to use the light across the whole surface.

Is the sterilizing wand guaranteed to remove all bacteria and viruses? 

No, there is no guarantee that the wand will remove all the bacteria and viruses.

Is the Sterilizing Wand battery operated? Are they rechargeable?

The Sterilizing Wand comes in two power source options: DC 6V adaptor, which is rechargeable, or 4x AA battery operated.     

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